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Our Tenth Annual Carry Awards are here! A celebration of the industry’s finest, across 14 categories. Shining a spotlight on exceptional pieces that are stellar representatives of their respective categories.

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First Look: Osprey Arcane Rolltop Waterproof 25L Backpack Thu, 15 Dec 2022 21:28:15 +0000 Osprey are one of the biggest names in the Carry game. Their packs are ubiquitous with...

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Osprey are one of the biggest names in the Carry game. Their packs are ubiquitous with adventurous hikes and sprawling vistas. More recently, they’ve turned their attention to two things: EDC and circularity in their material choices.

Gear reporter DaveSam checks out one of their newest offerings, the Osprey Arcane Rolltop Waterproof 25L Backpack. This waterproof backpack can handle whatever weather system you find yourself in. From blizzards to driving rain, the IPX4 rated Arcane Backpack will keep all your contents dry.

Thank you to Osprey for being a #curatedsponsor for this video.

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Bedouin x Carryology | Triptych Collection Thu, 15 Dec 2022 17:00:04 +0000 A revival of three collaboration legends, offered in a fully custom camouflage design, printed on Halley...

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A revival of three collaboration legends, offered in a fully custom camouflage design, printed on Halley Stevensons waxed cotton fabric, in a super limited batch for our last collaboration project of 2022. Only 33 units are available in each style. 

Introducing the Bedouin x Carryology Triptych Collection.

Bedouin x Carryology: Balian TT

Bedouin x Carryology: KHAN TT

Bedouin x Carryology: Sharky TT

Bedouin, one of our favorite carry brands on earth. A brand with unmatched uniqueness, timelessness, storytelling, and flair. With products that aren’t your average – they’re beautiful handmade pieces of artwork.   

As our Senior Editor, Laurence Fry mused in his Bedouin Barbarossa review (also, my personal most used bag of 2021 and 2022), some of my favorite lines of text in Carryology history: “This handmade masterpiece is charming and endearing to use. It truly feels like it has been loved into existence.” This pretty much encapsulates how I feel about all the Bedouin pieces that I own and use: the Barbarossa, Genghis, KHAN, Sharky, Balain, Barbary, Delireis, and Mamluke. It truly is a brand at the very top tier of Carry. 

There is one man behind the helm of this buccaneer vessel, Silas Grant: artist, visionary, and a man I’m proud to call my friend. I’d make my way to Wales to meet him for our last design trip to the UK – he’s now uprooted himself, his family, and Bedouin, moving out to the picturesque countryside, and designs out of a new Bedouin HQ. 

I was headed to Wales for the first time in my life. And my travel colleague Laurence (visiting Wales for the ten thousandth time) joined along for the rural hangs and to work on the newest Bedouin x Carryology collaboration project.

In a mutually despised rental Peugeot coupe, Laurence and I depart from Trakke HQ in Glasgow, Scotland down through England, placing a GCEP patch at Hadrian’s Wall on our road trip, and then crossing into Wales. 

Laurence and I arrive at Silas’s home, an old farmhouse, with a sprawling lush garden and a large barn on the side, converted into Bedouin’s headquarters. While he’s currently using one small room in the barn for the office and design studio, he toured us through all the future rooms and their respective purposes – Bedouin’s future looks bright! – and then we got down to the business of dreaming up the next best project. 

For the last three collaborations, we used high-tech Dyneema, buttery leather, and a hand-printed orange cotton drill liner, creating a little product family:

1. Balian (Design Article & Release Article)
2. KHAN (Design Article & Release Article)
3. Sharky (Design Article & Release Article)

So the challenge was, what’s next? We had already nailed, in our humble opinions, the best possible examples of a sling, a messenger, and a backpack that represented the Bedouin x Carryology concept direction. Two of the products were designed together from the ground up (Balian and Sharky), while the KHAN borrowed from the existing perfect messenger (Genghis). So what could we do now? A small accessory? Another messenger? We were proud of the work we had already done and the end users all loved them, each selling out in less than 60 seconds. So what if we didn’t create something new, just for the sake of it? What if we used what we already had? 

Sometimes simplicity is best. Why mess with perfection? We’d re-release all three in a new vision. Being that Bedouin products are normally offered in Halley Stevensons waxed cotton canvas and our Bedouin collaborations have all used Dyneema, we all wanted to see these three previous products in the iconic fabric. 

That was the brief, a full three-piece collection, which we’d call the Triptych Collection. Triptych means “something composed or presented in three parts or sections”. But we couldn’t just pick a color of fabric from the catalog. No, sir. Silas reached out to the Dundee-based, Scottish weatherproof fabric maker boasting 150+ years of manufacturing experience, and went in search of something unique and special.

The folks up in Dundee had just released a new technology to their production offerings, which isn’t very common with such a traditional manufacturer, so we were immediately intrigued with this news. Basically, they’d started offering up custom digital printing on their heritage waxed fabrics. One of the options was the screaming bold Swedish M90 Camo printed pattern (humorously nicknamed “the leaf pile” by Swedish soldiers), which we had used a variation of previously on our Carryology P06 morale patch. We loved it. Even though it was brand new as part of the brand new Spring/Summer 2023 fabric collection, we just had to elevate it a step further… because… well, you know how this works by now. 

So we called up the fabric gurus and played with a variety of different fabrics, scaling options of the M90 pattern (both larger and smaller), and we color-swapped out the bright yellow to our signature bright orange. We opted for the P400 Desert Wax Plus, a 100% cotton base fabric, digitally printed, with a natural dry wax finish, and coming in at a confident 537g/m² weight. After a handful of lab dip samples and playing with the swatches at Bedouin HQ, we had arrived at the final perfect fabric: the Halley Stevensons P400 Desert Wax Plus Bespoke Swedish Camo Bedouin X Carryology Edition (AKA HSP400DWPBSCBXCE). An intentionally funny mouthful of word soup? Yep. Damn awesome custom Scottish-made fabric? Absolutely.

While we waited on the full production roll of custom fabric, we played with some different leather color options. We were really torn between using brown leather, just to try something different. But after a handful of mockups, the bold contrast of the black leather was the perfect complement. 

Commemorating the Triptych Collection, Silas called upon the legend himself, the designer of many of Bedouin’s iconic artworks, graphics, and internal print liner, Zeke Wade. Zeke whipped up a few different graphic logo options for the custom collaboration triptych internal label. We finally ended up loving the geometric sphere, specifically a polyhedron based on a three-pointed star. Very Bedouin. Perfect.

Each of these three products is individually handmade in the small Bedouin workshop in rural Somerset, England. There are only 33 units of each. Yes, 33 of each. The reason there are so few? Because this is a small cottage maker who doesn’t focus on big quantities. That’s the way they do things. The old way. The slow way. Their own way. 

To make the whole naming thing nice and simple, we added “TT” to the end of each product name. Each already has its own character or codename, which we loved so much, we didn’t want to reinvent them – TripTych = TT. 

Balian TT:


Dimensions: 22.5 x 36 x 13cm

Weight: ?????

Capacity: 4.5L

Exterior fabric: HSP400DWPBSCBXCE at 537g/m²

Back panel: Italian top-grain vegetable-tanned leather, rumbled for pebble texture.

Wing accents: Italian top-grain vegetable-tanned leather, rumbled for pebble texture.

Zippers: YKK AquaGuard nylon coil, front 6mm double puller, 4mm back with fold-down zip head.

Zipper pulls: Italian top-grain vegetable-tanned leather

Buckles: 2 AustriAlpin Cobra frames, made from cast aluminum alloy, and 38mm Cobra with double tension.

Lining: Cotton drill, hand-printed in a railway arch Deptford, South London on the last 25m tables in London.

Print: Signature ‘crank print’, with a decaying geometric framework interlaced with bicycle parts and curios in custom orange.

Webbing: 38mm 9 bar seatbelt webbing on main straps, 25mm ribbed webbing on tension straps.

Handmade in Somerset, England.


1 large expandable compartment with YKK AquaGuard zipper and storm flap

X3 Internal organizing pockets

1 secret security pocket on back panel (YKK AquaGuard zipper)

PALS webbing across face for external carry

Ambidextrous strap setup

Side wings

Webbing loops for strap management



Dimensions: 51 x 30 x 15cm

Weight: ?????

Capacity: 25L (Estimate)

Exterior fabric: HSP400DWPBSCBXCE at 537g/m²

Front flap, lash strip, and binding: Italian top-grain vegetable-tanned bridle leather 2-3mm thick on flap, skived for binding.

Zippers: Swiss-made RiRi size 8 in matte black

Zipper pulls: Black KTL slider with bridle leather puller.

Buckles: 2 AustriAlpin Cobra Pro Style 25mm female fix, male adjust, made from cast and post-machined aluminum alloy, and a 50mm Cobra with female fix, male adjust.

Lining: Orange cotton drill, hand-printed in a railway arch Deptford, South London on the last 25m tables in London.

Print: Signature ‘crank print’, with a decaying geometric framework interlaced with bicycle parts and curios in custom orange.

Webbing: 50mm 11 bar seatbelt webbing on main strap, 25mm 5 bar webbing on tension straps, all straps have bridle leather keepers with a black rivet.

Internal label: Exclusive Carryology collaboration woven full damask label

Handmade in Somerset, England.


Cobra Pro Style buckles 

Large laptop sleeve (fits 15″)

Lash strip (PALS style) for external attachments

Textured leather to reduce slip on underside of strap setup

2 sleeves and one secure zip pocket under front flap

Leather keepers and loop on main strap for strap management

Internal pouch with eyelet for attachments

Padded rear panel and base for comfort and security

Sharky TT:


Volume: 24L to 26L 

Exterior fabric: HSP400DWPBSCBXCE at 537g/m²

Rear leather panel and base: 2mm Italian vegetable-tanned rumbled black leather

Leather flap and lash patches: 3.5mm Italian vegetable-tanned bridle leather


2 black Cobra Pro Style 25mm main opening

2 black Cobra blocks for tension on backpack straps

Padded rear panel and base with a floating laptop sleeve 

2 external front sleeve pockets, one zippered

2 side stash pockets

Fully opening front panel with YKK AquaGuard zippers

Fully padded backpack straps, with leather lash patches. All padding is sealed cell

Internal stash pocket on laptop sleeve and internal zippered pocket on internal front panel

Fully lined with hand-printed orange cotton drill

Introducing the Bedouin x Carryology Triptych Collection:

Bedouin x Carryology: Balian TT

Bedouin x Carryology: KHAN TT

Bedouin x Carryology: Sharky TT

Each can be purchased individually and will ship globally the next day, arriving to you before the holidays. 

For those who are aiming for the entire Triptych Collection, we made a discounted package combo deal available for you.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2022 | The Homebody Wed, 14 Dec 2022 05:45:30 +0000 Sometimes, it’s nice to just chill. Maybe it’s been a long week at work, maybe the...

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Sometimes, it’s nice to just chill. Maybe it’s been a long week at work, maybe the weather is grim? Whatever the reason, the holiday season screams comfort, and these picks will add a little more “ahhhhh” to days at home. The Christmas Gift Guide 2022 – The Homebody.

Taylor Stitch The Port Jacket ($148)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 | The Homebody - Taylor Stitch The Port Jacket

When comfort is king, it’s hard to beat a fleece. However, there are fleeces, and then there are fleeces. The Port Jacket falls into the second category, and it is the ultimate fleece jacket for lounging around the house during the holidays or running quick errands. The 10.5oz fleece provides ample protection against the incoming winter chill. Elasticated cuffs and hem help to trap the heat, and the custom Taylor Stitch snaps add a touch of vintage class. Two hearty hand pockets are a perfect spot for phones or car keys on errands, and the two available patterns are the perfect depiction of retro style. This is a timeless classic that will be loved for many cold evenings to come.

Taylor Stitch Apres Pant ($98 – $118)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 | The Homebody - Taylor Stitch The Apres Pants

Like most of Taylor Stitch products, the Apres pant are a considered take on a classic–the sweatpants. These are the perfect blend of chino and sweatpant, working equally well in social situations as they do on the sofa at home. With two button pockets on the rear, and two slip pockets on the front, their versatility is a key feature. Pre-washed and broken in, these will only get better with age. These are the type of pants that could fulfil every duty during the holiday season. The Apres come in a range of luxurious comfortable materials including organic cotton sashiko, waffle, and double cloth. The Apres pants are what sweatpants should be.

OluKai Mua ‘lli Slipper ($60)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 | The Homebody - OluKai Mua 'lli Slipper

There’s nothing better than a comfortable pair of slippers at the end of a long day. OluKai are famed for their comfortable flip flops and sneakers in the summer months, and they’ve now turned that attention to some winter comfort. The moo-ah ee-lee are an excellent option for around the house. With a luxurious build of a supple leather upper, shearling interior and tough non-slip outsole, these slippers are the foundation for a good holiday season!

Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt ($125 -$178)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 | The Homebody - Faherty The Legend Sweater Flannel Shirt

Plaid shirts are known for their comfort in the cooler months, but Faherty has taken that trait and turned it to eleven. This soft and stretchy knit has all the aesthetic appeal of a favourite flannel packed into a soft and stretchy package. This shirt feels like someone took a fleece blanket, chopped it up and made the perfect winter warmer. With a mix of plaids, solids, and patterns, this shirt can assimilate wherever needed. A relaxed fit makes it ideal for layering and movie nights.

Faherty Doug Good Feather Recycled High Pile Fleece Blanket ($126)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 | The Homebody - Faherty Doug Good Feather Recycled High Pile Fleece Blanket

After a day(s!) of eating and drinking, the sofa is calling. To complete the cosy set up, a good blanket is a must. This reversible number has gloriously soft recycled sherpa fleece on one side, while the other is made from organic cotton with a Doug Goodfeather (Native Artist) “Western Range Shadow” design. 52″ x 72″ is a great size, to give full coverage incase the cocktails and fire place catch up!

Scrabble Grand Folding Edition ($119)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 | The Homebody - Scrabble Grand Folding Edition

It wouldn’t be the holidays without some overly competitive family games! In that case, it may as well be done in style. This Scrabble set is 25% larger than the standard board and is luxury all around. The board is made from stained mahogany, with matching tile racks. It also folds in half for easy transport wherever you might end up this holiday season!

Chup Fair Isle Sock ($35)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 | The Homebody - Chup Fair Isle Sock

Socks get a bad wrap, they are really useful gifts! Particularly when they are Japanese socks created on a traditional stocking frame knitting machine which replicates a hand knitted motion. Every run of Chup socks are technically limited edition, and each intricate pattern is inspired by either traditional folk art or the natural world. A durable mix of cotton, acrylic, nylon and polyurethane, these conversation starting socks will last for years to come.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2022 | The Tech Guru Tue, 13 Dec 2022 22:53:26 +0000 Tech is a big part of our lives these days, and it’s not going anywhere! Tech...

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Tech is a big part of our lives these days, and it’s not going anywhere! Tech is a crucial part of carry, and there are excellent options for EDC that make a world of difference. Perhaps your sibling or relative is the person who always gets asked about what phone, laptop, or camera to buy? These tech toys will keep them at the top of their game. Welcome to the Christmas Gift Guide 2022 – Tech Guru.

Bellroy Venture Backpack ($155)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 - Tech Guru -Bellroy Venture Black

It’s important to be able to carry tech comfortably. While laptops, tablets and cameras are getting lighter and more nimble, they are still sizable hunks of metal and circuitry that need to be looked after the right way. The Bellroy Venture backpack is one of the revelations of the year and is designed to keep the contents well looked after, whether that’s on an everyday commute or an exciting expedition. At 22L, it’s the Goldilocks size for most people, with a 16L padded laptop sleeve and clever pocketing keeping everything inside easily accessible. Made from a durable and weather resistant 100% recycled polyester, it’s a bag for the future.

Bellroy Pod Jacket Pro Second Edition ($39)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 - Tech Guru - Bellroy Pod Pro Jacket

Airpods are rather ubiquitous now, and you’ll see them almost everywhere you look! However, their biggest enemy is the slippery shiny case that they come in! Bellroy has remedied this with the Pod Jacket Pro, which not only protects them, but looks classy doing it. High quality leather wraps the case to protect them from scratches and drops, while the included lanyard means that they can be attached to a wrist, bag or belt. This is one of those items that they didn’t know they needed until they have it!

Peak Design x Huckberry X-Pac Tech Pouch ($65)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 - Tech Guru - Peak Design X-Pac Tech Pouch

The best tech is organised tech, and the beauty of a good tech pouch is that it can bounce from one bag to another, whatever the situation. The Peak Design Tech Pouch was a game changer when it first launched, and continues to be one of the best tech pouches money can buy. Ingenious internal pocketing allows the storage to concertina and maximise available space. This also means an incredibly user friendly experience where all contents are easily viewable and accessible. There is a slot for every cable and dongle here, with a variety of zippered, stretch mesh, and slip pockets. All wrapped up with a weather resistant X-Pac exterior and grab handles on all four sides for easy grab and go!

Alpaka Gear Bravo Sling Max ($149)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 - Tech Guru - Alpaka Gear Bravo Sling Max

Slings are well suited to tech, they’re nimble, provide quick access, and the vertical orientation lends itself well to the form factor of a vast majority of tech goods. The Alpaka Bravo Sling Max is a happy home for any mixture of laptops, tablets, headphones, game consoles, cameras, and the like. A tidy package of VX42 X Pac, this is well protected from the elements and features AquaGuard zippers too. The padded shoulder strap is easily adjusted to become a handle so that the sling can be used like a briefcase or attache. A quick access front pocket is ideal for phones, earbuds, and a power bank, while the main compartment can hold up to a 14″ laptop. This nifty sling also has charging pass through, to keep everyone powered up!

The James Brand The Cache River Bit Driver ($60)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 - Tech Guru - The James Brand River Cache

This little tool is a trusty companion that should live in every tech bag. Including three bits (Phillips No. 2, Torx T6, and Wiha Slotted 4.5) this can help in any situation. Whether tightening a tripod, unscrewing a laptop, or just a bit of quick DIY, the river cache is a sleek way to stay ready for those little moments. In True James Brand style, the design is impeccable, and the manufacturing too. The aluminium enclosure is subtle and strong, while the magnetic bit attachment keeps everything locked in place when in use. The perfect pocket companion.

Otterbox Fast Charge 20,000MAH Power Bank ($54.95)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 - Tech Guru - Otterbox Fast Charge Power Bank

It’s almost impossible to get through a day without charging a device anymore. Now with the available options on the market, people needn’t be stuck to their desk or a wall outlet. At just under 1lb, this power bank can do it all. Three modes of charging (USB-A, USB-C, and Qi Wireless) will work for almost any phone or device, while the 20,000MAH is enough to charge even the biggest smartphones or tablets multiple times. The best feature? 18w charging through the USB-C and USB-A ports that can get a device up and running again in minutes. Rugged architecture protects from drops and spills, while and LED charger keeps the user notified of battery level. Pair it with one of Otterbox’s premium pro cables and the world is their oyster!

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Christmas Gift Guide 2022 | The Minimalist Tue, 13 Dec 2022 01:47:03 +0000 While there are countless options in the carry world (for each and every product), sometimes less...

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While there are countless options in the carry world (for each and every product), sometimes less is more. Perhaps Marie Kondo strikes a chord with a loved one or sharp lines and understated style is their forte? These options are sure to delight anyone on that scale. Here is our Christmas Gift Guide 2022 – The Minimalist.

Arc’teryx Veilance Field Jacket ($800)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 I The Minimalist - Arc'Teryx Veilance Field Jacket Black

If the minimalist life is all about having less that can do more, look no further than the Arc’teryx Veilance Field Jacket. This classy jacket is a modern interpretation of the famous field jacket, but revamped in a way only the wizards at Arc One could. Fully storm ready with a waterproof, windproof, and breathable 3L Goretex membrane, this jacket can take on any climate any time. Pockets galore can carry your EDC, while the intelligent patterning makes this jacket move with you while maintaining a streamlined silhouette. The Arc’Teryx Veilance Field Jacket could be the one to rule them all.

Bellroy Lite Series ($85-129)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 I The Minimalist - Bellroy Lite Duffel Chalk

Composed of a Duffel, a Sling, and a Daypack, this series from Bellroy has been a revelation. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, this lightweight series is full of function ready for life on the go. The muted chalk and black colour ways are subtle and the ripstop construction provides peace of mind on adventures. Each piece can be folded or rolled, meaning one could theoretically take all three items with a weight under three pounds! As always with Bellroy, this collection pulls triple duty for EDC, travel, and active adventure!

Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve Wallet ($129)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 I The Minimalist - Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve Wallet

The number one spot to simplify for any Carryologist is in the pocket. Streamlining a wallet makes life simpler, transactions smoother, and pockets less bulgy. The Apex Slim Sleeve is a wallet that has come back from the future. Precision molding and seamless lamination are just a couple of manufacturing details that will impress the recipient. RFID lining keeps your cards safe, while the magnetic closure is not only secure but incredibly satisfying. Don’t be fooled by the slim aesthetic, the Apex can hold up to 8 cards and folded notes! This is a Carryology Staff favourite for a reason.

Blundstone #1320 Chelsea Boots ($225)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 I The Minimalist - Blundstone #1320 Chelsea Boot

150 years ago, people lived the minimalist lifestyle, and not by choice. One pair of shoes would be relied on for all tasks and occassions. Blundstone was born on the island of Tasmania, just south of Australia. A remote and unforgiving place to call home, the boots were created to handle it all. While traditionally Blundstones are work boots, the easy on, easy off boots are truly the definition of an all rounder. Equally at home going to dinner, rocking on the trails, or while sipping a pint with friends, the #1320 is a Huckberry Special edition with gorgeous aesthetics, an upgraded sole, but all of that heritage goodness Blundstone are known for. If there’s one pair of boots to buy for a minimalist, it’s these.

Alpaka Gear Elements Tech Brief ($119)

Christmas Gift Guide 2022 I The Minimalist - Alpaka Gear Elements Tech Brief

It’s easy to carry too much, and sometimes keeping it slim is the way to go. Alpaka Gear have created the Tech Brief, a streamlined carry solution that can either work as a standalone bag (with the included shoulder strap) or as an organiser in a larger bag on your travels. Crafted from X-Pac (VX42 for Black, VX21 for Dark Green) the tech brief will keep your electronics safe from the elements, as well as organised. Waterproof lockable zippers add another layer of protection, while internally there is a slot for every harddrive, charger, cable, headphone and other tech accoutrement possible. The tech brief will hold up to a 14″ laptop. This 5.5L streamlined solution to tech carry is perfect for those travelling fast and light.

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How to Pack Sunglasses for Travel Mon, 12 Dec 2022 04:46:53 +0000 Sunglasses are a crucial item for any traveller – they protect your eyes from the sun...

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Sunglasses are a crucial item for any traveller – they protect your eyes from the sun and keep you looking stylish on your holiday. But if you’re not careful, they can easily be damaged if you don’t pack them properly in your luggage.

In this blog post, we’ll show you the best way to pack your sunglasses for travel, using a weekender bag or a seasoned suitcase. We’ll also discuss the best kind of protective sunglasses case to prevent your frame from being squashed or damaged.

So whether you’re going away for a weekend trip or travelling abroad for a longer getaway, follow this helpful guide on how to pack your sunglasses safely.

What is the best sunglasses case for travel?

For travel, it’s important to use a sunglasses case that is as good looking as it is protective.

Of course, this depends on your destination whether it be a ski holiday in Verbier or a sunny escape to Bali. Either way, when it comes to choosing a case for your sunglasses, there are two main options: soft cases and hard cases.

Soft cases are generally very slimline and take up very little room when empty. Subsequently, they’re much lighter and easier to pack than a hard sunglasses case. Away on holiday, slipping your sunglasses in and out is made much easier, especially if the case can compress or fold flat inside your bag or pocket.

However, soft cases aren’t as protective as hard cases. Whilst they prevent scuffs and scratches, they lack structure or any impact resistance. In other words, your sunglasses could easily be squashed, risking their hinges and UV protective lenses.

Hard cases are a much better option for packing your sunglasses for travel. With a hard shell and structural reinforcement, they’re much better at protecting your glasses from being crushed in your luggage. Their only downside of hard cases is they can be bulkier and more difficult to pack.

To help reduce bulk, luxury glasses cases made from thin metal are the slimmest but most protective way to store your sunglasses. Their sturdy exterior shell safely cocoons your frame and prevents them being crushed.

A nice benefit of a hinged hard case is their tactile simplicity. After adorning your sunglasses, you can easily close them with one hand which makes them easier to use if you have your hands full. Oh, and they make an addictive sound when you snap it shut.

Should I pack sunglasses in my hand luggage?

In a 2022 report, global airline lost luggage rates spiked by 24% in 2021 alone. If you’re the unlucky type, yours could well-be part of the 4.35 bags per thousand passengers that go missing.

Whether you’re heading abroad or just making a domestic flight, it’s imperative that you keep your most crucial possessions to-hand. Amongst your phone, wallet, passport (and perhaps some spare underwear), your eyewear should be packed in your hand luggage, especially if you use prescription sunglasses.

With the aviation industry amidst a post-pandemic bounce back and mishandled baggage rates on the rise, it’s definitely a good idea to keep your sunglasses in your hand luggage. For bright weather or destination car hire, sunglasses are better on your face than amongst a pile of stray suitcases… somewhere else.

Where do you put your sunglasses when travelling?

When you aren’t wearing your sunglasses, it’s best to keep them inside their protective hard case within your rucksack or day bag, ideally in a front pocket or near the top of your pack. This offers quick access to your sunglasses and makes it easy to put them on when you need protection from the sun.

If you’re travelling through developing countries or cities with questionable crime rates, you’ll want to avoid distracting yourself by digging through your bag on the street. The quicker you can access your sunglasses, the safer your possessions will be and your UV exposure will be kept to a minimum.

As a packing tip, it’s best to keep your ‘reactive’ items as the most easily accessed. A lightweight rain coat, sun cream, drinking water and your sunglasses will keep you prepared for weather changes as they come and go.

How do you store sunglasses in a suitcase? 

If you’re using a suitcase or holdall, the best way to store your sunglasses is inside their protective case, ideally between or inside a spare pair of shoes. This will stop them from getting squashed by heavier items and those ruffian “rampies” (airport slang for baggage handlers).

With their hinged temples (arms) and delicate lenses, sunglasses are easily broken. The last thing you need is to arrive at your destination, only to discover they’ve been broken during transit. Whether you’re skiing or sunbathing, sunglasses are crucial for UV protection, so it’s best to keep them safe so they’re ready to wear at the fun-end of your holiday.

How do I protect my sunglasses when travelling?

To protect your sunglasses when travelling, the two safest places for them are either ‘on your face or in their case’. (This rhyme makes it easy to remember.)

By wearing your sunglasses properly, you reduce the likelihood of damage. Avoid hanging them off the collar of your shirt or worse, wearing them on top of your head. Either or these bad habits mean they could fall to the floor or the frame becoming misshapen from being stretched too wide.

Heading somewhere hot?

If you’re travelling to a hot country, be mindful of where you keep your sunglasses. Car dashboards get mighty hot and pose a threat to sunglasses made of plastic.

Premium sunglasses frames made from materials such as acetate are susceptible to warping in high temperatures above 40°C / 100°F. Because the frame is made of a semi-natural material, they become soft inside ferociously hot cars or small enclosed spaces like their hard case, especially if it’s a dark colour that attracts the sun.

If it’s crazy hot outside, the best place to keep your sunglasses is most likely on your face. During the hottest hours of the day, UV levels soar, therefore keeping your eyes protected and wearing sun cream are critical for skin safety.

How do you wear sunglasses around your neck?

If you use prescription sunglasses, perhaps consider using a frame chain or sunglasses strap. Worn around your neck, they’re more easily accessed for reading directions, signs, food menus or exploring your holiday destination.

Sunglasses straps are a great way to keep your sunglasses safe and easily accessible. They come in a variety of materials, including fabric, leather and plastic, and can be purchased from most eyewear retailers.

Most sunglasses straps have a simple hook and loop closure system that makes them easy to put on and take off. Sunglasses straps are also adjustable, so they can be made to fit snugly around your head or neck.

If you’re using prescription sunglasses, it’s a good idea to invest in a good quality sunglasses strap. This will help to keep your sunglasses safe and prevent them from becoming damaged.

How to pack sunglasses for travel without a case

If you don’t have a protective sunglasses case, there are a number of ways you can pack them safely to prevent scratched lenses or the frame being crushed. These methods include;

  • Pack them inside a clean sock
  • Pack them inside a glove
  • Pack them inside a stiff shoe
  • Pack them inside a ski boot
  • Pack them inside a food container

If you’ve lost your sunglasses case, the best solution is just to buy another one. They’re readily available online or via high street optical practices. Sunglasses cases are good at protecting your frame because they’re made from a sturdy and durable material and soft-lined with microfibre to prevent scratches. The case will protect the glasses from being squashed or damaged when travelling.

Do you need sunglasses on holiday?

When you go on holiday, it’s important to make sure you’re protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sunscreen is essential for your skin, but sunglasses are just as important for your eyes.

Sunglasses offer protection from the sun’s glare, which can cause headaches and eyestrain. They also protect your eyes from UV exposure, which can lead to cataracts and other eye diseases.

If you’re going on holiday, make sure to pack a good pair of sunglasses that offer maximum UV protection. Look for sunglasses that have a UV rating of 400 or higher. If you’re going on a ski holiday, make sure to pack a pair of goggles or sports sunglasses that offer the same UV400 protection.

Sunglasses are a must-have item for any outdoor holiday. Make sure to pack them in your luggage so you can enjoy your time outdoors without worrying about the health of your eyes.

A quick word about buying sunglasses abroad

If you purchase sunglasses abroad, it’s worth mentioning the issue of legitimacy. Depending on your location (and the vendor) black market sunglasses can be hazardous.

Whilst RayBan rip-offs are plentiful, it’s really the lenses you should pay attention to. Illegitimate sun lenses can leave your eyes completely unprotected from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Unfiltered UVA and UVB light is incredibly damaging to your eyes and surrounding skin, therefore you should always check for the UV40 or UV400 rating. Additionally, any CE or ANZI markings on the sunglasses also certify the frame provides sufficient eye protection against the sun.

Oh, and one more thing…

Darker lenses doesn’t mean your sunglasses are more protective.

Tint darkness has nothing to do with UV protection and merely provides visual comfort. In fact, dark tinted lenses without UV protection actually makes your eyes more susceptible to sun damage. As your pupils dilate behind the dark lenses, they’re even more exposed to UV light.

In most circumstances, it’s best to purchase your sunglasses through a reputable vendor or shop who can certify the lenses UV protection.

Can I bring sunglasses on a plane?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to bring your sunglasses aboard a plane. There’s no reason you cannot wear, carry or have your sunglasses in your hand luggage whilst in the airport or on board.

Whilst there are few reasons to need your sunglasses mid-flight, you may need them at your destination where the weather may be brighter or you need them for prescription or light sensitivity purposes.

When passing through an airport, it’s probably a good idea not to wear your sunglasses inside. If you need to speak with airport staff or security, restricting your eye-contact isn’t a good look and would probably get you the wrong kind of attention.

Do sunglasses set off metal detectors?

Heading through airport security, spectacles or sunglasses are unlikely to set off metal detectors. Unless your frame uses a large amount of metal in their construction, eyewear isn’t usually an issue when passing through these detection systems.

On the other hand, metal sunglasses cases are much more likely to trigger airport security and are best kept in your hand luggage where they can be scanned separately. If you’re the anxious type and would rather avoid the frisk, just keep your frame in your hard case in your bag.

How to keep your sunglasses clean whilst travelling

Sunglasses can get dirty very easily, especially if you’re travelling and doing a lot of outdoor activities. Skin products like sun cream, moisturiser of after-sun can build upon your frame and lenses making them greasy. Here are a few tips on how to keep your sunglasses clean whilst you’re on vacation.

  1. Use a lens cleaning cloth to clean your sunglasses lenses. These can be found in most eyewear stores or pharmacies. Make sure to use a fresh cloth each time you clean your lenses, as dirt and dust can build up in their fibres and cause scratches.
  2. If you’re not near a lens cleaning cloth, just use a mild hand soap and water to clean your lenses. Rinse off any soap and leave them to drip dry before putting your sunglasses back on. Avoid using your clothes to dry your frame as their fibres are too rough on your lenses.
  3. To remove any skin products, avoid using harsh chemicals or household cleaners to clean your sunglasses, as this can damage the lenses and frames.
  4. Store your sunglasses in their protective hard case when not in use. This will help to protect them from scratches, dust and other debris.

Wrapping up

With the right protective case, packing your sunglasses for travel is easy. Primarily, you’ll want to make sure they’re well protected from scratches and scuffs. On the other hand you’ll want a case that doesn’t take up too much space in your luggage.

Key points

  1. Use a protective case that will keep them safe during transit. For the best protection, a hard shell sunglasses case is the best option.
  2. It’s best to keep your sunglasses in your hand luggage, especially if they use prescription sun lenses.
  3. If you do pack your sunglasses in your suitcase or holdall, position the case between or inside a spare pair of shoes for extra impact-protection.
  4. Keep your sunglasses on your face or in their case to protect them whilst travelling.
  5. In your bag, pack your sunglasses near the top or in a front pocket so they’re easily accessed.
  6. Extreme heat can warp your sunglasses. Avoid keeping acetate frames inside hot cars.
  7. If you lose your sunglasses case, pack your sunglasses inside a sock within a food container, shoe or ski boot to prevent them being squashed in your luggage.
  8. When buying sunglasses abroad, make sure the lenses have UV40/UV400 protection and look out for any CE or ANZI markings.
  9. Darker lenses only reduce visible light and don’t make them any more UV protective
  10. Sunglasses can be taken through airport security and aren’t likely to set off metal detectors

This article was written by Jamie Bartlett, founder of Banton Frameworks.

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Exclusive Release | Aer x Carryology Tokai Backpack Fri, 09 Dec 2022 22:59:59 +0000 Introducing the Aer x Carryology Tokai Backpack From the densely fogged alleys, there’s cold silence in...

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Introducing the Aer x Carryology Tokai Backpack

From the densely fogged alleys, there’s cold silence in the sleeping metropolis… save for the neon signs buzzing overhead, painting the puddles below with a saturated glow. From the mist, a low rumble trembles through the steel and glass. The Tokai returns.

(Overly-dramatic introduction, I know, but let’s have some fun, right?) 

One of the biggest and best collaboration launches we’ve ever had, with one of the Carry Community’s favorite brands, comes back for a sequel. 

We’re proud to announce the Aer x Carryology Tokai Backpack.

Soaring Again with Aer

Our friends Aer probably don’t need any introduction, but we’re going to give them one anyway. Based in San Francisco, they stormed onto the scene with their Aer Fit Pack, and never left, delivering a brand that does it all: style, minimalism, versatility, utility, and affordability all in one complete package. 

They’re leaders in the industry, and no stranger to the annual Carry Awards, racking up an unprecedented three 1st place titles. That’s no easy task. 

And for all these reasons above, we were stoked when Aer hit us up back in 2019 with interest in doing a collab project. Later, we launched the Tokai Sling, a nod to Japanese streetwear: “Tokai” is Japanese (都会) for “urban” or “city”.

It sold out in just over a minute. For many, the Tokai Sling, inspired by the City Sling, is one of their favorite sling designs out there, and a grail piece for our hardcore carry collectors. 

So after the dust settled, we decided to go round again, to develop a sidekick for the Tokai Sling – a backpack inspired by streetwear, and a complementing piece for everyday adventures. 

The Foundation

After the launch of the Tokai Sling in 2020, Allen Choi reached out with a new pack he’d designed, the Aer City Pack, and we got our hands on some production units before they launched. 

Just like the City Sling, it was compact, perfectly designed for city essentials, and had an ultra-clean exterior – and with its contoured back panel designed to curve with your shoulders, its on-body comfort was top-tier.

After months of testing the City Pack, we knew it was one of the best compact daypacks in the industry – and the perfect partner to the Tokai. 

City Pack’s Greatest Hits

• Padded, suspended laptop pocket with soft lining (fits up to 16″ laptop) 

• Quick-access top pocket with soft lining

• Smart organization for your everyday essentials

• Contoured back panel for enhanced comfort and excellent fit

• Exterior water bottle pocket

• Smart tracker pocket designed for AirTags or Tile trackers

• Padded, quick-grab side handle for versatile carrying

• Luggage handle pass-through

Keeping It Tokai

First up, color. With the same philosophy as the Tokai Sling – a balance of loud/quiet, calm/rush, black/white, rugged/elegant, patterns/solids, and, of course, yin/yang. 

It would be inspired by all of these, and give a nod to the flair and expression of Japanese streetwear. A culture that continues to inspire us here at Carryology HQ. 

We opted to put an all-black front face on the backpack, with MultiCam Black wrapped around the top, bottom, sides, and back. Onlookers see stealth black from the back, until the pack angles for that camo pop. 

High-Vis Interior

Of course, our signature feature, a high-vis interior in bright orange is throughout the main “3/4 clamshell” compartment. This is made from a custom water-resistant nylon ripstop fabric that’s bluesign® approved. 

Inverted Camo

Playing with the yin/yang concept like we did with the sling, the front lower accessory pocket and the admin accessory compartment are the panels that we flipped vice versa, lined with MultiCam Alpine (X50) or MCB (X50). A playful nod, hidden away, but enjoyable for the user when accessing your gear on the go.

Containing the pattern, we selected waterproof Dimension Polyant X-Pac, in two fabrics, White in X42, and Black in X50.

A fan favorite, X50 and X42 is brutal stuff. The front faces are made from Cordura’s 500D and 420D nylon, commonly used on military packs and gear. On that face, there’s a DWR (durable water repellent) coating, to create those sexy water beads. Then, it’s sandwiched via Dimension Polyant’s proprietary lamination process with a mid-layer of black post-consumer recycled polyester, an X-PLY® at 22° for strength and anti-stretch, and finally a 0.5 mil shiny polyester film on the back face. 


To keep all these waterproof X-Pac panels closed up tight and keep out the weather, we opted for YKK’s AquaGuard zippers. The three main compartments all use a chunky matte-finish #8 zipper coil for durability. The top accessory pocket uses a svelte #6 zipper to keep things tidy.

Allen and Andy also told us about their new zipper pullers, which we were totally on board with incorporating into the collab. An Aer-debossed cylindrical plastic puller at the end for grip, all woven through mini YKK metal zipper pullers via orange nylon cording, a pleasure to use. Most importantly, they’re much quieter than the previous designs.

Magnets Are Key

We decided to pimp out the key lanyard, with a Korean-made magnetic “Magic Short” key lanyard with a metal keyring. Stronger, more functional, and a little more badass. 

The sternum strap also utilizes magnetic hardware, making it easy to pop open and shut with one hand. We kept branding minimal, so the Aer and Carryology logos are debossed into the hardware itself, black on black. Gloss into matte. 

Hypalon Hits

If you’ve been following what we do, you know we love the technical goodness and weatherability of Hypalon (the stuff used in Navy SEAL inflatable boats). Its matte black looks would work in tandem with the black X50 for a super-clean face, and give some variation to the handfeel. And while we were at it, we added a zipper garage in Hypalon too, for that extra notch of weatherproofness.

Bag It Up

And the last finishing touch – each Tokai Pack comes with a black ripstop nylon dust drawstring bag with orange cord for shipping and/or storage. We’ve added gloss black Aer and Carryology logos to the exterior of the bag, keeping it subtle and classy. Use it for a laundry travel bag, for dirty boot storage inside your pack, as an emergency bag in the car door pocket, or whatever you can dream up.



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Christmas Gift Guide 2022 I Gifts Under $100 Thu, 08 Dec 2022 22:50:23 +0000 Sometimes gifting for under $50 is just right, but other times you want to find something...

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Sometimes gifting for under $50 is just right, but other times you want to find something just a little more special for that special someone, and the carry world is full of great buys when you hit double digits.

Here are our Best Gifts Under $100 recommendation, carefully curated, just for you.

The James Brand Mehlville Carabiner

The Mehlville Carabiner, like everything EDC-masters James Brand make, is an exercise in precision design and flawless execution. This beauty is manufactured from a solid block of brass, with a dual compartment form factor that allows you to organised your EDC. That brass will look better as it patinas when you crack open a cold one using the bottle opener! This is the ultimate key hook upgrade.

Willis Cable Knit Wool Sweater

As the mercury drops, and the nights draw in, there is nothing better than the comfort of a cosy wool sweater. This timeless wardrobe staple will stave off the chill for the next few months and keep you looking sharp at the same time! 100% wool, this layer can stand alone, be thrown over a shirt or under a jacket–it is truly versatile. At this price, it’s an absolute steal and they’ll be forever thankful!

Los Poblanos Campo Cocktail Set

‘Tis the season to be jolly, right? Well get jolly and juicy with all you need to create the perfect cocktail this holiday season. The lavender fiends at Los Poblanos have you covered with all you need (salt, sugar, and syrup) to whip up a special margarita! The handsome copper jigger will help you pour many more for celebrations to come!

Uncharted Pro First Aid Kit

Got an adventurer in your family who’s always outdoors? Make sure that they are prepared for whatever crops up on their next adventure! With everything you need for emergency first aid, whether it’s a nasty cut or full on CPR, this pouch is loaded with supplies. In those unexpected moments, you can never be too prepared! The water resistant case itself is made to keep the contents safe, and easy to stick in any bag or attach via the MOLLE webbing. This is the gift that keeps on giving!

The North Face Borealis Lightweight Tote

Based on their iconic Borealis backpack, The North Face combines the convenience and comfort of a backpack with the storage capabilities of a do-everything tote bag. This double duty can be slung over your shoulder for quick use, or carried on your back for longer trips. Simple organisation, a padded laptop sleeve, and bungee cords on the exterior give all the extra storage needed when making those last minute holiday shopping runs. It even stands on its own!


If it’s good enough for Alaskan winters, it’s good enough for us! XTRATUF have become a mainstay of those in the outdoors, particularly fisherman! This boot can handle it all, and does it with great comfort and easy style. Non slip outsoles, easy-on pull tabs, and a comfortable moisture wicking lining are just a few reasons why these boots are so popular. Form and function combine here to make the winter equivalent of the beloved cowboy boot!

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet

Wallets make the best gifts. People tend to let their wallet take a beating year after year without thinking of upgrading. The Bellroy Hide & Seek is the ultimate upgrade for a tired pocket. Featuring RFID protection and a multitude of ingenious pockets, this is how wallets were supposed to be made. Slimming down a wallet is a cathartic experience and the hide and seek helps make the process a little less painful with its luxurious leather and understated style. With four quick access card slots, a protected section for business cards and a hidden bill section for emergency funds, it’s the best way to carry that cash!

Craighill Tetra Puzzle

Keeping mind and body working in harmony is all part of a healthy day to day life, and with this Tetra puzzle from the team at Craighill, you can flex all those muscles in a compact package. At first glance, you might underestimate the difficulty of solving this Tetra Puzzle. While it may look straightforward, creating this tetrahedron shape will get the cogs spinning and the fingers twitching. Not only that, it’s elegantly designed and doubles as an attractive desk accessory. The perfect distraction from hours of staring at the screen!

Nocs Provisions Standard Issue Waterproof Binoculars

Budding ornithologist in the family? Look no further than Nocs Standard Issue Binoculars. Bringing the age old optical tool kicking and screaming into the twenty first century, these binos give you 8x magnification so that the neighbourhood birds can be spotted from the comfort of an armchair! Waterproof, fogproof, and rugged as they come, these are a great gift for anyone who loves nature. They come with their own strap and carrying pouch too!

Topo Designs Rover Backpack

Looking to get someone into the carry world? There aren’t many better gateway brands than Topo Designs. vibrant colours, excellent craftsmanship, and thoughtful designs are their hallmark! Take the Rover for example, a brilliant everyday backpack that is filled to the brim with thoughtful design. Great pocketing, compression, and robust materials, this 20L pack will work for anyone who needs to step up their carry!

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Christmas Gift Guide 2022 I Gifts Under $50 Thu, 08 Dec 2022 02:03:33 +0000 We all know that hobbies, particularly the good ones, can be expensive. But good carry doesn’t...

The post Christmas Gift Guide 2022 I Gifts Under $50 appeared first on Carryology - Exploring better ways to carry.

We all know that hobbies, particularly the good ones, can be expensive. But good carry doesn’t have to break the bank, you know? Whether you’re treating yourself (you deserve it!) or fulfilling a secret Santa role, we’ve pulled together some of the Best Gifts Under $50.

Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle

Matador are the wizards behind all good travel accessories, and this travel toiletry bottle isn’t like anything you’ve used before. The FlatPak style means you save space in an instant, while the the waterproof construction stops any spillages. TSA approved, these can come with you regardless of if you’re one bagging it on an overnight trip and hauling it all on a long vacation.

Topo Designs Square Bag

Biggest isn’t always best and with the Topo Designs Square bag, you’ve got just the right amount of room for your essentials. Earbuds, cash, house keys– if it usually ends up swimming in the bottom of your carry, the square bag will tidy things up! A handry carabiner-style clip means this can stay close and safe at all times!

Tree Free Fire Portable Campfire

Campfires are great, but they can be a lot of work, both before and after the fact! The Tree Free Fire Portable Campfire is portable ambience! No need to chop any wood, or clean all of your clothes after using this little fellow! Add a bit of class to your next movie evening, or just chill at dinner time, this is the gift of relaxation.

Zippo Handwarmer

You can’t have a Carryology gift guide without a bit of blaze orange! And boy does the Zippo handwarmer blaze. Stave off the frost and keep those digits warm with this portable furnace! Enjoy up to 12 hours of warmth from this refillable hand warmer whether you’re tailgating, hiking, or just generally a cold soul. Simply fill up, light, and feel the warmth!

Alpaka Gear Zip Pouch Pro

Wallets don’t have to be leather and formal, they can be rugged and refined, ready for anything! The Alpaka ZPP is just that, with its VX21 construction and clean organisation while on the move. Waterproof, rugged, and with clean lines, this is an excellent outdoor pouch and introduction to technical fabrics. There’s a spot for all your EDC essentials, and the orange interior keeps everything in sight! RFID keeps your digital self safe too!

Huckberry Weekenders

Sunglasses can become an expensive mistake when they tumble off the side of a ski lift, or get sat on in your pocket! Huckberry comes to the rescue with an affordable and stylish pair of sunglasses that won’t break the bank when they meet their inevitable fate! Polarized and available in a plethora of colours, these weekenders are sure to save you a few headaches!

Opinel No. 8 Knife

Still made in France, Opinel are some of the most iconic, affordable, and reliable knives in the world. The No. 8 is their classic offering perfect for EDC. This stainless steel blade will handle most daily tasks comfortably and the elegant birch strip handle makes it a perfect gift, it even has its own special gift box! Sometimes simple is best, and Opinel proves that here.

Bellroy Market Tote

A good tote is one of the best items you can have with you. Whether in your bag or in your car, you’ll soon wonder how you lived without one! The Market tote from Bellroy is lightweight, packable, and full of surprises. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles, it has clever internal organisation that keeps bottles upright and some of the comfiest shoulder straps you’ll find on an everyday tote. This tote always surprised us with how much it holds when full and how small it is when folded.

Purist Collective Maker 10oz Insulated Mug

Not all insulated mugs are made equal, and once you’ve held one from the Purist Collective it’s hard to go back. Clean lines and minimalist design (also paired with great thermoregulation technology) make this the creme-de-la-creme of insulated drinkware. State-of-the-art, unbreakable interior glass lining construction removes any metallic taste from your drink so you can enjoy as intended! With double-wall vacuum insulation and surgical-grade stainless steel this insulated mug is the step up you didn’t know you needed.

Hoka Ora Recovery Slides

Whether you’ve been up a mountain, pounding the pavement, or spent a long day on your feet at work, these recovery slides will make you forget about any suffering and put you in a dream like state. Perfect house slippers and errand partners, the Ora slides are like clouds for your feet. An oversized midsole in a meta rocker profile releases tension on your lower leg and foot, letting the aches of the day slip away. If comfort is king, all hail the Ora!

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