The Tenth Annual Carry Awards | 1st Round Voting

Our Tenth Annual Carry Awards are here! A celebration of the industry’s finest, across 14 categories. Shining a spotlight on exceptional pieces that are stellar representatives of their respective categories.

And when it comes to pinpointing those pieces, we know our highly knowledgeable readers always deliver. So once again we’re turning to your carry expertise to highlight the very best new releases from 2021 / 2022.

We’re trying some things, to keep it fresh

One less round

Last year we trialed a new format, going from the first round of voting straight to our Top 5 finalists. We think this worked well to keep the Carry Awards suitably engaging and we’ll maintain this format this year.

Two new categories

This year we’re swapping out the Best Waterproof Bag and Best Everyday Accessory categories for a fresh new focus. Stepping up this year are Best Packable Bag and Best Travel Accessory.

Let’s celebrate the best, no matter how big or small

Last year we focused on smaller brands with our Best Up-and-Comer award. This time round, Brand of the Year will return. This award is open to brands of all sizes, as well as newcomers and long-established household names alike.

Voting considerations

What should influence your voting decision? These awards salute the cream of the crop. So really consider whether a piece of gear merits a nomination. It should push the category forward and serve as a shining example for others. Maybe it offers an excellent fusion of style and function or shakes things up on the innovation front. Alternatively, it could be the epitome of ‘fit for purpose’ in its design. If you have just such a piece in mind, nominate it below in the relevant category.

Carry Awards Trophy2

Try to focus on pieces from 2021/2022. Our awards are annual and we like to keep the focus fresh each year. So please try to nominate pieces that emerged from May 2021 to 2022. However, we appreciate that some excellent pieces have flown under the radar over the years and not received the recognition they deserve. So if you have such a piece in mind, feel free to nominate it. But as mentioned, please stick to 2021 / 2022 if possible.

Please note, previous winners are not eligible. If a piece has picked up one of our previous carry awards then it’s not eligible for this year’s awards. Why? It’s already received due recognition and we strive to encourage continual improvement across the carry industry. If a particular piece keeps winning awards, there’s a lack of incentive to build on what’s come before and make it even better. Newer pieces deserve to be recognized too and our awards can help them achieve this.

However, there is one exception. If a previous winner has been significantly updated then it is eligible to be nominated again. We high-five design iteration and support those who strive towards improving existing designs. But do note, the updates must be significant (i.e. a colorway change or using a new fabric aren’t sufficient updates here).

Unbiased praise for big names and up-and-comers alike

Our Carry Awards are not influenced by any brand affiliation. They are unbiased recognition of awesome design no matter who created it, whether it’s a big player or a small maker – voted on by you and our expert panel. Only the very best pieces will score the top honor of category champion, with kudos to the most worthy runners-up in Highly Commended, regardless of who the competition may be.

Voting Closes January 5th