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Wotancraft Pilot 2L and 3.5L


Wotancraft Releases 2L and 3.5L Pilot Camera Bags

by , October 25, 2022
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Taiwan’s boutique camera brand, Wotancraft is back at it again with a new variations on their much-loved Pilot Series. This time, they’re releasing smaller variants of one of our favorite camera bags ever; the Wotancraft Pilot. The 7L and 10L Pilot camera bags have been in use by the Carryology crew forever, and we continually hear praise from members of the team.

Smaller Siblings for Lighter Days

The new Pilot 2L and Pilot 3.5L take everything we love about their larger siblings and shrink it down to a lovely size for single body and lens, or compact shooters. For size reference, I was able to fit a large mirrorless body and any lens except a super telephoto in the 3.5L. The 2L easily fit a compact mirrorless with most reasonably sized lenses. Depending on the size of your gear, and how you want to orient it, both sizes come with a divider which I found handier in the 3.5L.

Wotancraft Releases 2L and 3.5L Pilot Camera Bags

While the main compartment is where you’ll be storing your camera, the only other built-in storage are slip pockets on the back and front of the bags. Both have a zippered pocket on the backside, with a waterproof zipper. Under the front flap, the 2L has an open top pocket, while the 3.5L uses a zipper like the larger Pilots. You won’t fit much in these compartments, but they’re great for a lens cover or extra SD cards. Extra batteries would probably be better served inside the main compartment using one of Wotancraft’s many inserts.

Wotancraft Pilot 2L
Wotancraft Pilot 2L and 3.5L

Mostly everything continues to scream “this is a Pilot”, but the biggest change to the silhouette comes in the form of the removal of the side pockets. It’s a reasonable change, as those pockets start to be unwieldy on such small bags, or just useless if they’re too small. Their removal opened up the opportunity to move the typical PALS of the Pilot series to the sides, where I think they’re much happier on these two. This lets you attach any number of Wotancraft’s wonderful pouches, like a lens cover case or zip pouch. The ability to add more storage is welcome.

Wotancraft Pilot 3.5L

The new Pilot 2L and Pilot 3.5L are not only great camera bags, but they’re also great camera cubes! That was one of the most pleasant surprises I came across in my time testing them out. I’m not sure if they were designed with this in mind, but they were easy to shove in any backpack or larger bag and they offered peace of mind with their beefy and well-padded construction. Once you get where you’re going, pull it out and you have a wonderful sling to go about your day with.

Pilot Line Updates for 2022

Not only are we getting new sizes, but we’re getting a few small updates for the entire Pilot line of camera shoulder bags. It goes without saying that these are all welcome updates, and we’re happy to see them become standard features. To put them right in front of you, these updates are a new quick-adjust strap with a very nice red leather pull, and the change to Fidlocks being the default on all models. You’ll see these changes on the Wotancraft Pilot 2, 3.5, 7, and 10.

Quick-adjust camera bag strap
Wotancraft Pilot 2L and 3.5L

Adventurous Camera Bags for All Shapes and Sizes

The new Wotancraft Pilot sizes were a nice surprise when we heard about their development. While we’ve obviously sung the praises of the 7 and 10, they are a bit big; full kit-type bags. As cameras and equipment continue to shrink in size rather than grow, the smaller offerings are a smart move. Personally, I’ve fallen in love with the 10L and 3.5L Pilots – they’re the perfect size for those little-bit-extra days, or on the flip side, those little-bit-less days. Goldilocks sizes, if you will.

No matter your kit, it’s now (finally) true that Wotancraft has a bag for every shape and size. Check them out on October 28th, direct from Wotancraft.

Wotancraft Pilot

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